Compost organic fertilizer is 100% natural and results from the regulated decomposition process of organic residue in the presence of oxygen and efficient microorganisms, and the strict control of temperature, humidity and pH. The production of organic fertilizer is a fit and practical way of transforming residue into raw material for agro-industrial processes.

Abono orgánico


The organic fertilizer Nutriabon Compost is the result of putting organic residue through our technified composting process, which guarantees meeting our products microbiological and physicochemical standards. Its excellent quality is due to the standardized mix of different raw material used for its elaboration, ensuring that every nutrient remains in the organic residue of our product, so that it can be absorbed by plants quickly and efficiently.


Enhances the soil’s organic layer
Allows for greater humidity retention
Increases soil aeration
Enhances cation exchange, which allows the plant to rapidly absorb micro elements
Enhances plant growth
Allows for the production of fresher and healthier foods for human consumption
Reduces soil erosion and compaction
Increases the productivity and quality of crops

Registro de venta No. 7660


Nutriabon Humus

The organic fertilizer NUTRIABON HUMUS is the result of the use of organic residue in the worm composting process, which consists of feeding californian red worms the residue. The worms degrade the organic material so that macronutrients and micronutrients are easily absorbed by plants. The final products of this process are:

Solid organic humus fertilizer for soil application.
Liquid organic humus fertilizer for micro-irrigation on plant leaves.

Organic substrate

Nutriabon Sustrato

The organic substrate NUTRIABON is a product developed as a means to the development, growth and healthy rooting of plants. It contains an standardized mix that allows for excellent drainage and nutrient absorption. Since it is a low weight product, its application is recommended in:

Green roofs and roof gardens
Vertical gardens

Dosification and application

Regarding the dosification and application of our organic products, farmers, agricultural engineers and technicians offer their previous analysis of the soil and leaf tissue of each crop. Based on this, a decision is made on the use and quantity of the product.