Orgánicos del Caribe® is an eco-friendly agro-industrial company.
We offer specialized selective collection services and organic residue technical disposal. We provide environmental solutions through sustainable organic residue transformation processes. This turns organic residue from an environmental management and public health problem into organic fertilizer of excellent quality.


To contribute to the preservation of the environment through the technical transformation of organic biodegradable residue into raw material to be used in production processes.


To be recognized as the leading company in the technical use and transformation of organic biodegradable residue at national level, with highly trained staff to provide consultation of high quality and regulatory compliance.

Jesús Alberto y
Maria Teresa Cruz Díaz


In 2010 Jesús Alberto Cruz Díaz heard talk of organic foods. After further analysis, he found that the production lines of organic foods needed to guarantee traceability in order to achieve products of high quality. He also recognized the importance of organic fertilizer as a tool to meet said end.
Following a conversation between Jesús and his family about the idea of producing organic fertilizer, they decided to support him, so unconditionally that his father quit his job in order to join his business plan. That is how, in 2010, Organicos del Caribe is born from a great idea and only two employees, Jesús and his father.

In 2011, with the support of the Center for Entrepreneurship of la Universidad del Norte, Jesús and his father made the decision to participate in the entrepreneurship contest VENTURES, in which they did not get first place. However, thanks to the outcome, they reconsidered their complete business plan. In 2012, they competed once again in VENTURES, and for the first time in DESTAPA FUTURO, winning both contests.

Using the seed money earned, father and son industrialized their production process, increasing their production capacity and improving the quality of their organic fertilizer NUTRIABON.

In the year 2013, María Teresa Cruz Díaz, Jesús’ sister, joined Organicos del Caribe. With her support and dynamism, the company grew exponentially, allowing the bettering of its business model. Because of this, in that same year Organicos del Caribe won a corporate merit award organized by la Universidad Simón Bolívar in the category Corporate Responsibility.

Organicos del Caribe is currently recognized for its excellent selective collection of organic residue service, and the production of high quality organic fertilizer to be used in the Colombian farming industry.